re: tcgs season one

by Flynn Germain

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i wrote three songs while bingewatching watching s1 of the chris gethard show for the first time & recorded them within three days.

they are:

- inspired by specific episodes
- composed to help me adjust to playing electric
- weird because my voice dropped, like, an octave (thanks T!)
- me trying to be more ' ' ' folk punk ' ' '

the titles are:

1. My Wrist [s1e1]
2. Wedding Song B [s1e5]
3. My Joke [s1e6]

they're about genders, mental health issues, comedians, and relationships that don't exist (anymore or ever).


released January 23, 2017

flynn germain: all of it



all rights reserved


Flynn Germain Los Angeles, California

Flynn Germain is a nonbinary musician from Los Angeles.


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Track Name: My Wrist [S1E1]
the smaller my wrist gets
the more often i wish you'd love me for how i am
but i accept
the consequences of wanting a body that's lesser than

and i wanna be john darnielle
and i wanna be kanye west
wish i could be fiona apple anyway
but i wanna be a face-turned heel
and i wanna be my best
i don't wanna want the paper bag i got to stay

i'm naming it on repeat
i changed it like fifteen times to be more authentic or what i think
am i still a creep
am i just as awful as i used to be did i learn to swim or sink

and i wanna be PFT
and i wanna be todd glass
wish i could be maria bamford anyway
but i wanna change my speech
and i wanna get the laughs
don't wanna point out how my voice was rearranged

whatever i said i hope i meant it
Track Name: Wedding Song B [S1E5]
i'm gonna get married and i'm not gonna tell anyone
she's so pretty i got high just on the concept of going around
to every subway car and yelling about the woman i love
as if i know her better than everyone

and when you tell me you are so undeserving of the love you feel from me
i will tell you i used to think that way unknowingly

and when i tell you i feel so undeserving of the love i get from you
you will tell me that you used to feel that way about me too
Track Name: My Joke [S1E5]
you / said you know what it's like
i didn't believe you
i assumed i knew the truth about every other human being
i'm / waiting for my next tattoo
hoping that you don't hate it
but we've never met but i'll save it for when we do

quite aware of the fucking mess of
neuroses that'll make me obsessed with

thoughts that might impress you
maybe send a direct mes-sage on through
unprompted and unviewed as if it matters
what i think about you to you 'cause it
matters to me i keep watching nineties
tv, always wanting to be alt co-
-medic, not hope everybody liked my
jokes but maybe somebody will like my joke

i'm / sick of the day-to-day
today i will get my ass out of this awful bed and i'll never fall asleep again
you're / planning for your next tattoo
and i have nothing to do with choice or execution and i have nothing to do

with any part of any mess i
made of all my feelings with a

thought that might impress you
maybe send a direct mes-sage on through
unprompted and unviewed it doesn't matter
what i think about you to you just be-
'cause i give a shit about your projects
doesn't make me happy if i'm honest
i get happy more or less on schedule
with my discipline surrounding mental health

am i a goddamn saint or something
feeling all these feelings without numbing
myself out on drugs or living reckless
-ly, i keep myself in check with big re-
-minders of my failures past or present
try to be more hesitant and not go broke
i am a paradigm of moderation
all i want is someone else to like my joke